We live in Austin, and in LabVIEW.

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Sixclear is us, plus a bunch of other people.

Sixclear founders often smile together.
(Brian left, Jassem right)

Sixclear was founded on one principle: LabVIEW is completely awesome, so everyone should use it.

Admittedly we just made that up, but it's daringly close to the truth. The two guys you see to the left (that's us!) have been programming in LabVIEW for 10+ years apiece, and teaching it professionally for nearly as long.

So one day we decided to start a company where we could program in LabVIEW all the time, get a bunch of other people to program with us, and teach anybody in the world (literally) who wanted to learn.

That part we didn't make up.

Brian's Bio

Brian Spears graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Chemical Engineering and Ballroom Dance. That's the type of thing you don't joke about.

In 2004, he came to Austin to work at National Instruments in their Engineering Leadership Program. After becoming a leader, he spent time in the applications engineering and marketing departments. Brian has spent about 70 weeks of his life in front of the classroom bringing the light of LabVIEW to learners' lives. From this experience, he pacted with Jassem to make learning LabVIEW easier and more affordable than it had ever been. That's also something you don't joke about.

Jassem's Bio

Jassem Shahrani graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison with a degree in Mathematics & Electrical Engineering. You guessed it, we're not joking about that either.

He first came to Austin as an R&D intern at National Instruments (NI), working with the team which would eventually become the RF group. After completing his degree in Madison he founded his first company, and two years later rejoined NI in Applications Engineering (AE). After founding the Instrument Control group in AE, he joined the LabVIEW Experts team, and has since tallied 30+ week-long courses of his own: not as many as Brian, but that's cool.


We have some great customers. Just sayin'.

Well, for every bit of fun we have with quippy language, we put in double (or 10 times) the work making sure we deliver an uncompromisingly exceptional experience to our customers. We could describe our applications the same way, but that would just be shameful boasting.

Here's a sampling of the hundreds of companies and institutions for whom we provide products and services.


Everyone loves a bedtime story. So if you're reading in bed, enjoy!

We've already been bragging, so what the heck - we'll just keep going here. With all those customers and cool applications, came some pretty sweet case studies and testimonials to match.

We're so excited about them we actually have a page for each kind. They are complete with pictures whenever possible to really connect with the projects. Let us know what you think.

Case Studies

We like case studies because we get to talk about what we're working on, and call it marketing. Some people call that a twofor - getting two things for really the effort of only one. We think it counts.

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We also like testimonials. Why? Well, we like to joke around sometimes, but when we get right down to it, we take our work as seriously as any on earth. Our customers can attest to this, in writing.

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