FLI Driver for LabVIEW

Our LabVIEW driver puts Finger Lakes at your fingertips.


Get every available FLI function to control cameras, filters, and more.

FLI Driver

  • VIs for every FLI function
  • additional VIs for common use cases
  • examples & videos to get you going
  • $899

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  • learn the API through examples
  • plug & play experience with your hardware
  • warm up to the API with a subset of functions
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Getting examples running immediately is a great way to validate your hardware setup, as well as start learning how to program with the driver.


Example code is intentionally straightforward to make concepts clear, and the user manual has complete API documentation.



When we say every available function, we mean it. Plus simulation!

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Device Handle

  • Open
  • List Devices
  • Close
  • List First
  • Create List
  • List Next
  • Delete List
  • Free List


  • Cancel Exposure
  • Lock Device
  • Configure I/O
  • Unlock Device
  • Control BG Flush
  • Set Debug Level
  • Control Shutter
  • Write IO Port
  • Expose Frame
  • Grab Frame
  • Grab Row
  • Grab Video Frame
  • Flush Row
  • Read IO Port
  • Get Array Area
  • Set Bit Depth
  • Get Camera Mode
  • Set Camera Mode
  • Get Camera Md Str
  • Set Frame Type
  • Get Device Status
  • Set H Bin
  • Get Exposure Status
  • Set V Bin
  • Get Pixel Size
  • Set N Flushes
  • Get Temperature
  • Set Temperature
  • Get Visible Area
  • Set Image Area
  • Get H Bin
  • Get V Bin
  • Wait for Exposure
  • Wait for Temperature
  • Start Video Mode
  • Stop Video Mode

Additional Helper

  • Configure Exposure
  • Simulate Exposure
  • Transform Coords
  • Module Wrapper


  • Get Model
  • Lock Device
  • Get FW Revision
  • Unlock Device
  • Get HW Revision
  • Set Debug Level
  • Get Lib Version


  • Home Focuser
  • Read Temperature
  • Get Focuser Extent

Filter Wheel

  • Get Filter Count
  • Set Filter Position
  • Get Filter Position


  • Step Motor
  • Get Stepper Position
  • Step Motor Async
  • Get Steps Remaining


  • Set DAC
  • USB Bulk IO
  • Get Cooler Power

FITS Files

  • Save 2D to FITS
  • Get FITS Header Cache
  • Add FITS Keyword
  • Remove FITS Keyword
  • Convert Keyword


Would you like some help building your application using FLI products?

Not every lab has a programmer on staff, and not everyone is a programmer - we know. We have the expertise and can help you get up and running quickly. Visit our development services page for more information.

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