LabVIEW Development & Consulting

Exquisite software engineering in beautiful graphical programming.


Get up and running quickly. Like coffee in the morning, without the spill.

  • Development. we're superheros at this
  • Integration. sure, we'll plug it in
  • Code Review. let's have a quick look
  • Optimization. run fast, handle big
  • Consulting. it's easy, we'll explain

Sincere LabVIEW gurus - hear it first-hand from our customers & engineers.


Numbers are important. We're engineers after all.

We'll always work with you on the details, and we understand every project is different. But when it comes down to numbers, usually things fall into one of two categories: a single price or a single rate.

Fixed Price

  • depends on project
  • well-defined projects
  • stable requirements
  • ready for development

Fixed Rate

  • $150 / hour
  • evolving definition or consulting
  • adaptable requirements
  • specific milestones

If a quotation is a bit presumptuous to start, just contact us. We'll be happy to answer any questions, and learn more about your application.

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Everyone is saying it, but who really means it?

We'd love to go on and on about how our services reduce risk and turnaround time, or how we provide the most robust, extensible, and maintainable solutions. Or even how we provide unmatched support and help teach your team so you become the expert.

We'd love to, so we just did. And for the record, we take some serious pride in what we do. We mean everything we say, even down to our overwhelming positivity. We're happy coding in LabVIEW, you will be happy coding with us or receiving our completed custom application.

But don't take our word for it. Check out our case studies and testimonials.

Case Studies

Case studies are pretty sweet. So sweet that we have a dedicated page for them, covering all our products and services. Jump right to the section on Development & Consulting by clicking below.

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Testimonials are also great. You get to see exactly what customers are saying about us. Hopefully it's all good stuff, but we'll see. Jump right to our Development & Consulting testimonials below.

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