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Lucid LabVIEW Training

Our customers have had some pretty nice things to say about our LabVIEW training. Here's what a few have told us recently.


    Ryan Skar
    General Dynamics
    Burlington, VT

    "One of the best instructors I have ever had. Clear, concise, knowledgeable, and easy to understand. He took time with each of us as questions arose and had a genuine interest in what he was teaching! The course was very well prepared. Each task transitioned well from one to the next. Thank you. I feel much more confident with LabVIEW and better understand its potential."


    Dan Petrovich
    Assured Space Access Technologies (ASAT)
    Southern California

    "I should have taken this class 15 years ago. The new capabilities of LabVIEW far exceeded my original expectations and this class brought me to the next level. The course material is excellent and persists beyond the class in the form of an excellent Sixclear website."


    Joao Araujo
    Natural Resources Canada

    "I actually learned some new things even after 10 years working with LabVIEW using your online course. It is really complete and easy to understand. Nothing is easier than watching a video and following it at the same time. Next time someone at work asks for any kind of LabVIEW training, I will definitely tell them to take your course."


    John Polywoda
    DAQ & Controls Engineer
    Florida Turbine Technologies, Inc.

    "Sixclear's course covered the full gamut. It was clearly presented and the hands-on assignments enhanced the experience. I was able to grasp the concepts of LabVIEW necessary to support our hydrodynamic and small engine control systems. Our engine controls system integrates compressor and turbine maps, controls fuel and oil pumps, and acquires dozen of temperature, pressure, and high speed accelerometer measurements."


    Russell Lewis
    Houston, TX

    "All phases of the course were excellent, I found it to be just what I was looking for."


    Matt Davied
    Triumph Accessory Services
    Wichita, KS

    "Was a great introduction into LabVIEW, perfect for the beginner who has never used the software before. Extremely simple to follow and would be a good course for someone with no programming experience at all."


    Jose Manuel Garcia Llamas
    Barcelona, Spain

    "The material is very valuable, clear, and very well structured. This is like reading a good book, you can't stop reading it so keep doing a great job!"


    Rouble P. Claire
    Manufacturing Engineer
    Northern California

    "The instructor's teaching method from start to finish was exemplary and on a professional, knowledgeable, yet friendly level that far exceeded all other training courses I have ever enrolled in. Nothing ever seemed to be too much trouble while answering my countless questions. He made each student feel special and assisted us with tailored answers depending on our needs.

    I was provided with a truck load of information. It was more that I expected for a five day training course. The course was worth every cent of my expense. In my opinion, Sixclear LabVIEW training is of great value. Most importantly, it was a lot of fun."


    Robert Conrad
    Bimba Manufacturing

    "We have as a company used in the past some other outside training facilities and I can highly recommend Sixclear as being both knowledgeable and well prepared to meet your needs, great job!!"

DAQ Sequencer Coming Soon

Our flexible, out-of-the-box DAQ solution has brought smiles from around the globe. Here are a few from places not so far flung.

Development & Consulting

We're in the trenches with you with our LabVIEW dev. And here's what you've said while we're down there.


    Randy Fong
    Atomic Energy of Canada Limited

    "I am a Research Scientist at Atomic Energy of Canada Limited in Chalk River Laboratories. I had a specific need for a LabVIEW application program to be used for logging various sensor signals for different laboratory experiments. Sixclear was recommended to me to help me with developing a suitable program. I outlined the requirements for the different experiments I had planned to use such a program to Sixclear. The folks at Sixclear communicated well with me so that the design of the program will meet all the stipulated technical requirements I had for my experiments. They delivered the program in timely manner, and I regard the quality of their work, superb. Sixclear's price was reasonable to my budgetary constraints. Their effective continual communications with me ensured the application program met all the outlined requirements for the project. I would recommend highly to potential clients who may have needs for LabVIEW applications to contact and use Sixclear for their professional service!"


    Jeremy Murphy
    McDonald Observatory
    UT Astronomy Department

    "I am a doctoral candidate at the University of Texas, Austin who spends a lot of time developing test systems for fiber optics. We had a need to integrate several pieces of our test equipment: motion control, filter wheel selection and the complication of triggering and recording data from a CCD camera. We were unable to integrate these pieces into our LabVIEW code and called Sixclear to see if they could help. We couldn't have been happier with the solution that Sixclear developed to handle our problem. They were able to develop an application that handled all of our needs, while also being flexible for the inevitable changes in our testing procedure. During the process we had to evolve the job scope on short notice and Sixclear never missed a step, integrating the new changes quickly and cleanly. We would certainly recommend them to anyone looking for help with the development of a LabVIEW control system."

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