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  • Basics through advanced (see topics list)
  • Data acquisition & instrument control programming (see details)
  • Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer (CLAD) coverage
  • Industry application architecture case studies

Actually, there are tons more features that we didn't have space for here. You'll just have to give it a try to check them all out. Who knows, you might even learn a bit of LabVIEW along the way.


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  • Lucid Fundamentals One


    Here we cover the basics of programming. We jump right into LabVIEW and dataflow programming concepts. We build up our knowledge of primitive data types & arrays, loops & common structures for cases & events. We learn to use charts and graphs to handle just about any data you can generate. Before long we're building subVIs and our first state machine application. We even touch on basic File I/O and error handling. Yep, it's all in there, and more.

  • Lucid Fundamentals Two


    Common design patterns show their face, along with variables (caution), type definitions, and file I/O. We cover dynamic user interfaces and more with VI Server. We see Data Acquisition, Instrument Control, and architectures which support robust, large-scale implementations. We build all the way through standalone apps & installers, and take a look at several large application case studies to see how everything we've learned comes together to LabVIEW magic in the real world.

Ready to start learning LabVIEW? Sign up and get 6 months of unfettered access instantly, or get 12 months for only $199 more. All licenses are on a per user basis.

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Still have questions for us? Contact us anytime and we'll answer those questions. You can also dig a little deeper in the details below. There you'll find even more information about our modules, including a detailed course topics list.


$1799 / attendee

In person at your facility, add 6 months online for just $199.

Five days of LabVIEW love, plus 6 months of nurturing. We cover everything shown in the online breakdown. That's some serious programming, but we keep it light and fun.

In case you weren't aware, it's a total steal of a deal! Plus all our instructors bring 10+ years of LabVIEW programming and training experience.

Modest travel expenses are invoiced after course delivery. Five day travel expenses typically do not exceed $1200. If you have special considerations, no need for stress, we'll work with you.

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$1999 / attendee (5 days, save $200)

$1299 Lucid One (3 days) | $899 Lucid Two (2 days)

Plus get everything online, even if you only join us for half the course.

Take a glance at On-site above, it's all true here as well, except you don't have to help us with travel costs. Instead, we book the location and invite you and others to join us. That means you're sitting across from folks from other companies facing the same challenges as you. That can help too, at least with a bit of sympathy.

In fact, sometimes romance blossoms. We don't guarantee you'll meet your soulmate, but we'll honor any Best Man requests.

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The only caveat is we hold a minimum class size of 4, but we'll keep you up-to-date along the way, and they almost always fly. You can also suggest a class date & location, and we'll get it on the schedule to see if it harmonizes with others!

After all, we choose our dates and locations carefully; we don't host any classes in the wilderness.


$249 / student online

That's 6 months of Lucid Fundamentals One & Two online. Wow.


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Or for just $599, students can join one of our world-famous live, instructor-led regional courses, and add online access for just $99 more. Also wow.

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